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Attend Anywhere

AttendAnywhere is the clinical video consultation platform being rolled out by the National Virtual Health team. The platform works very well in a clinic setting as it utilises a Waiting Area that patients will be invited by appointment to attend.Attend Anywhere

The clinician brings the patient from the Waiting Area into their private consultation room when it’s time for their appointment. The patient can then be referred back to the waiting area for further clinical consultations.

Multi patient or multi clinician consultations can be facilitated up to a max of 6 per consultation. There is no limit to the number of patients in the Waiting Area or the number of Clinicians using the platform at the same time.


In order to get setup to use AttendAnywhere please refer to your local Telehealth Lead.

Please contact for further information regarding  the telehealth lead in your area.


The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for the delivery of health services; both in terms of the continuity of standard care and in the provision of services specifically tailored to address the pandemic.

Watch Chief Clinical Officer, Colm Henry, explain how technology can help us to deliver our services more effectively.

Waiting Areas in AttendAnywhere

One of the key strengths of AttendAnywhere is it’s Shared Waiting Area configuration which allows a patient enter one Waiting Area but receive multiple services. We are in the process of agreeing Waiting Area structures within each of the CHOs and Hospitals. This is a dynamics list and is being added to regularly.

List of Waiting Areas


Locations currently using AttendAnywhere

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Map 07.07.2020

Download the 5 Things to know about AttendAnywhere          5 things to know about Attend Anywhere            

CHO1 Attend Anywhere

Staff and clients from across Community Healthcare Organisation Area 1 (Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan & Sligo) explain how AttendAnywhere, video technology, works for them.