National Home Support Case Management ICT System

There is a requirement to develop home support services and ensure the reform of services to deliver innovative and alternative approaches to service delivery across all Services for Older People. The establishment of the Home Support Statutory Scheme will ensure robust governance of HSE direct and indirect home support services.

About the National Home Support Case Management ICT System:

  • Key to the delivery of the new Statutory Home Support Scheme is the development of an ICT system that will assist in resource and care management of patients at a CHN level.
  • Provide a secure, digitally enabled platform through which staff and managers can ensure optimum use of resources thus contributing to more effective and efficient care for the service users in the context of future reformed model of Home Support.

Implementing Home Support Case Management System in Ireland is a significant change in the operational aspect of the services. However, it will result in significant reform benefits for clients & service delivery.​

The main objectives of the project include:

  • Develop a business requirements specification & business case to support the implementation of a national home support case management solution.
  • To procure and implement an integrated National Home Support Case Management system to manage both caseload and resources with the ability to produce the necessary data in a timely manner to efficiently manage this complex service.

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