ICT and Cyber Programme

The ICT & Cyber programmes main objective is to enhance the cyber posture of the HSE by increasing the organisations resilience to numerous cyber threats that continue to attack organisations, large and small, across the globe.

The programme seeks to fulfil this purpose through the provision of financial management, programme support and establishment of governance structures for cyber related initiatives with its partners in the HSE, namely programmes led by the Chief Technology Office (CTO), Customer Service Experience (CSE) and Chief Information Security Office (CISO), as well as programmes in voluntary hospitals.

The ICT & Cyber Programme focuses on the following key areas to enhance the cyber posture of the HSE.

HSE Compliance:

The team works with partners in the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) to ensure HSE’s compliance with relevant regulations (e.g. NISD II & Network and Information Security Directive 2016/1148). The office also supports the delivery of a comprehensive, formalised cybersecurity training and awareness programme to all staff.

Security Operations:

Support the maintenance and enhancement of appropriate security operation services through the provision of Security Operations Centre and Security Information & Event Management services.

Foundational Technology:

Invest in the continuous modernisation of the technology estate to enhance the foundational infrastructure on which the organisation is dependent and cyber criminals often target.

Threat & Vulnerability Management:

Support the proactive testing and scanning of the networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, by simulating cyber-attacks.

IT Service Management:

The programme is supporting the provision of an enhanced asset register and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to provide more comprehensive information, cataloguing and configuration details of the HSE technology estate.


If you wish to contact the team please email ctto.digitalstrategy@hse.ie