HL7 Integration (Messages)

HL7 Integration (Messages)

Healthlink: The National Messaging Broker.

  • Patient information is securely transferred from MN-CMS to the patient’s GP system.
  • GPs can send their antenatal clinic visit information directly to the patient’s MNCMS record thereby supporting the combined care model.

IHI integration: IHI will be used to safely identify an individual and their health information.

  • Expected Go Live date early 2020 on the existing MNCMS platform.

Patient Management System (iPMS)

  • iPMS has full bi-directional integration for  Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) messages in all sites.

Laboratory electronic orders to lab systems and result messages go back to MNCMS.

  • ‘iLab’ is the Laboratory system in Cork, Kerry and Rotunda.
  • ‘WinPath’ is the laboratory system at National Maternity Hospital.

Colposcopy results/ reports/ images are sent directly to MNCMS from local Colposcopy system.

  • ‘Compuscope’ is the Colposcopy service at Cork and Kerry.
  • ‘Mediscan’ is the Colposcopy service at National Maternity Hospital and Rotunda.