Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

“The Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland, envisages the transformation of the service towards community based models focused on improving service users experience. Our ICT systems are key in linking funding to activity & outputs, cost, quality & outcomes to support implementing this change” 

- Pat Healy, National Director Social Care

Our next focus is to ensure that the momentum on driving this strategy to implementation is sustained. In the short term, this means focusing on:So much has been achieved in the short period of time that the concept of eHealth Ireland has existed.

  • Continuing with the industry engagement process and enabling that to form the case for change for an Electronic Health Record for the whole of Ireland;
  • Mobilising the business case and planning resources required to add detail to the roadmap of programmes;
  • Continuing stakeholder management efforts to communicate this strategy and the broader programme;
  • Progressing the detailed design of the Knowledge & Information operating model to ensure the reform supports the function thoroughly;
  • Continuing to deliver on-going services and in-flight programmes including new innovations such as the Individual Health Identifier and completing implementations such as the Patient Administration System deployment.
  • Continuing to stay on top of the future of the healthcare and eHealth industries, so that the latest thinking is reflected and solutions are developed with flexibility to respond to future trends in mind


All of this is probably best described as build for the future without breaking the present on the way!

Undoubtedly, the journey ahead will be at times challenging, but imagine a world where this programme of benefits has been implemented into the delivery of health in Ireland. There will be a route to enable innovation, an eco-system that supports assurance of a return on investment and a digital solution that catches the needs and requirements of patients and clinicians alike.

Ultimately, the successful implementation of this change programme will bring about a step change in the way healthcare is experienced by patients, delivered by care professionals, and supported by the system, with ICT and information at the heart of it. The opportunity for Ireland to have a healthcare system that is supported by a digital solution to deliver healthcare in a harmonious manner is unlocked by the function, form and strategy described here.


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