HSE Digital Health Strategic Implementation Roadmap 2024-2030

Green cover page of the HSE Digital Health Strategic Roadmap

The two most significant drivers for digital transformation in healthcare in Ireland are the increased demand for quality healthcare services and advancements in technology.  Whether it’s in the technology industry or a healthcare organisation people around the globe are pulling in the same direction to drive digital health transformation forward.

The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly launched the much anticipated Digital for Care: A Digital Health Framework for Ireland 2024-2030' on May 22nd 2024. Paving the way to digitally transform health services in Ireland, the Framework’s vision of having ‘better health outcomes enabled by seamless, safe, secure and connected digital health services and which support health and wellbeing for both our patients and providers’ is presented through the perspective of six Principles:

Powerpoint Six PrinciplesSix Principles V2

This vision will be supported by rolling delivery plans through a HSE digital health strategy that aims to accelerate digitalisation of health and social care services in future years.


Digital Health Strategic Implementation Roadmap

The HSE Digital Health Strategic Implementation Roadmap 2024-2030 (currently awaiting approval) has been developed following a significant consultation process with the Department of Health and other key stakeholders – it is fully aligned with the Department’s Framework   and is both patient focused and clinically led.

Echoing the above six principles the HSE Digital Health Strategic Implementation Roadmap defined 48 initiatives that underpin empowering patients, the establishment of digital health foundations and it’s primary focus will lay the groundwork for the creation of a patient centred care eco system that prioritises patients.

This year alone will see the roll-out of a HSE app that will provide people with important medical history and records. Next year will see the rollout of a ‘Shared Care Record’ to integrate patient records no matter what part of the health service they engage with. A longer-term deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is also included.

As our dedicated HSE Digital Health Strategy Programme Team continue synchronisation of the Roadmap with the HSE Centre & Health Regions Implementation Plan, further information will be made available around approval from the HSE Board in the very near future.




For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team on ctto.digitalstrategy@hse.ie