HSE eHealth Ireland SNOMED CT online browser is the preferred browser for the HSE to use. It contains the SNOMED CT International release, the Irish Clinical and Drug Extension, including reference sets.

Request for Changes

Should you make a request for a change within the SNOMED CT browser, please click here.

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Vendors and Suppliers

All vendors and suppliers intending to go to tender for procurement for software in the Irish eHealth market need to adhere and include this specification in their tender.

Vendor specification document

Working with Snomed CT as a Vendor information can be found here

In 2018 the Irish NRC set up a vendor engagement day, details below: 

Vendor engagement day

SNOMED CT for Developers

This learning pathway consists of a collection of E-Learning resources designed for software developers. The goal is to teach you enough about SNOMED CT in as short as possible a time to enable you to develop software applications that leverage its capabilities.

 SNOMED CT for developers

Healthcare Professionals

Education and training is provided by SNOMED International through their elearning platform.

For information on education and training for Clinicians click here there are 184 presentations, including a

  • Foundation Course

  • Implementation Course

  • Authoring Level 1 Course

  • Authoring Level 2 Course

  • SNOMED CT for developers

  • SNOMED CT Data Analysts

Working for SNOMED CT as a Clinician; information can be found here

Licensing of SNOMED CT 

Ireland is a SNOMED International member country. To use SNOMED is free, however a SNOMED CT affiliate licence (which is free) is required.

To apply for a licence click on this link.

SNOMED and SNOMED CT are registered trademarks of SNOMED International and was originally created by the College of American Pathologists


The benefits of using SNOMED CT in electronic care records are:

  • vital information can be shared consistently within and across health and care settings
  • comprehensive coverage and greater depth of details and content for all clinical specialities and professionals
  • it includes diagnosis and procedures, symptoms, family history, allergies, assessment tools, observations, devices
  • clinical decision making is supported
  • it facilitates analysis to support more extensive clinical audit and research
  • reduced risk of misinterpretations of the record in different care setting 
  • SNOMED and SNOMED CT are registered trademarks of SNOMED International and was originally created by the College of American Pathologists

SNOMED CT Management

SNOMED CT is owned, managed and licensed by SNOMED International.

The Enterprise Architecture function of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OoCIO) in the HSE is where Irelands National Release Centre has been established. The Irish NRC is responsible and has the delegated authority to licence the SNOMED CT Irish Edition and derivatives

SNOMED CT is maintained and distributed in Ireland by HSE OoCIO. A SNOMED Governance Board has been established with representation from

  • HIQA
  • Department of Health
  • Health and Research Board
  • Chief Clinical Officer
  • Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • GPIT
  • Health and Social Care Professionals
  • Clinical Terminology Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Information Governance
  • Information Architecture



Further Information


**This online browser is now our preferred SNOMED CT browser for the HSE to use. It contains the SNOMED CT International Release, and the Irish Extension.