RPA Centre of Excellence

RPA Centre of Excellence

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that allows a computer programme (or robot) to replicate otherwise manual processes in an automated, repeatable, and reliable manner. Robots can be developed to mimic repetitive, mundane, and labour-intensive work, freeing up staff to focus on higher value activities such as problem solving, exception handling, troubleshooting and customer facing activities.

 The RPA CoE provides the following services: -

  • Methodology & Standards Ensuring consistent process for opportunity assessment and customer engagement to streamline and subsequently automate processes. Oversight of all RPA projects to identify opportunities for broader applicability and replication. Centralised governance to ensure best practice coding and security standards
  • Organisational Adoption & Skills Development Driving organisational awareness and engagement to identify strategically aligned automation opportunities. Co-ordinating the upskilling of HSE staff to create appropriately skilled automation teams using this new and innovative technology
  • Robot Delivery & Operations Providing RPA developers and business analysts to build, deploy and supervise robots, with full activity and performance reporting, incident, and change management. Central management of the RPA technology platform and entire robot workforce. Centralised scheduling of robots to tasks to ensure optimisation of robot licences and rapid robot mobilisation as necessary to meet surges in demand across the organisation


To date, the team has delivered and manages automated key processes in National HR, National Finance and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre. In all cases, the robots we have deployed have taken on time consuming administrative tasks, releasing staff in the respective areas to focus on more productive and meaningful work.


The Centre of Excellence is seeking to build a pipeline of potential RPA opportunities across the public health sector.

If you are aware of a process that could benefit from automation, please review against the checklist below. Once you have reviewed the checklist, please send a note to rpa@hse.ie for next steps on how to submit this idea to the Centre of Excellence. 


Last Updated 24/03/23