Primary Care

Primary Care

The Primary Care programme, including GP eHealth deliverables, is responsible for the strategic direction and operational implementation of all ICT systems to directly support patient care and associated administrative systems for HSE Primary Care Services.  

The drivers for all Primary Care ICT developments are based on the strategic direction and prioritisation provided by: 

  • Sláintecare 
  • Service Plan 
  • eHealth Strategy 
  • Service area specific Governmental Strategies  

Primary Care Active Projects:

  • Appointment Booking System for Civil Registration Service - An online user friendly appointment system, where the Civil Registration Service can create available appointments slots for their offices, and individuals can book a suitable day and time to attend for a face to face appointment.
  • National Clinical Video Communication Platform Framework - Create a framework for video communications platforms nationally for clinical and business use.
  • National Dental Information System - To support the planning, management and service delivery of the dental public health service by implementing a common information system on a single database throughout all health regions, the business and technical support for which is to be provided centrally.
  • GP Contract eHealth initiative for Chronic Disease Management - Enhancement of the functionality within the current accredited GP practise systems to accommodate the collection of data to support Chronis Disease Management, including transfer of this data to a central data repository to allow validation, trigger for PCRS payments and general analysis to assist service planning.
  • Structured Chronic Disease Management Programme- Phase 2 - The primary objective of this project is to continue the roll-out of the Chronic Disease Management System. The four GP practice systems were enhanced to support CDM in phase I. Phase II will develop and enhance the GP Practice systems to support Opportunistic Case Findings (OCF) and Preventative Programmes (PP).
  • PHN Tissue Viability Wound Management - Proof of Concept for a wound assessment, documentation and management telehealth system for sharing of information between Primary and Secondary care settings to assist in the treatment of vascular issues including leg ulcers within the community setting.
  • ICT & Network supports to the Islands eHealth Project - There is a requirement to ensure that HSE staff who provide services to the Islands off Ireland are equipped with the technology and infrastructure to undertake their duties. The role of community services is increasingly changing in line with Sláintecare, the  Enhanced Community Care programme and the need to shift services left and ensure that care where appropriate is as close to home as possible.

 Contact Pat O’Driscoll Programme Manager for more information.