There is significant penetration of IT systems within Primary Care. Most GP's use an accredited Practice Management System within their practice and these systems are a rich source of clinical data for each patient.

The National Messaging Broker 'Healthlink' - which is the mechanism for the exchange of structured messages for the public health system, enables GP's to receive clinical data such a lab test results safely and securely and to embed that data against the patient record on their Practice Management System. Healthlink also enables eReferrals and eDischarge for hospitals that have that capability.

Healthmail is a service that was launched in 2015 and has enjoyed widespread adoption. The service enables clinicians in the community to communicate securely, patient identifiable informtion, with their counterparts in the hospitals and visa versa.

There is a myriad of smaller IT projects that have been implemented in the past 5 years. In August of this year, an IT Strategy for Healthcare will be launched that will provide a focus for what and how we plan to progress eHealth initiaves for Primary Care in the coming months and years. All initiatives will be checked for alignment with this strategy before implementation and the strategy itself will be subject to annual review and update so that it is aligned with the needs of all stakeholders.

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