ePharmacy Programmme
ePharmacy provides the ability to deploy digital solutions across different care settings to make the delivery of pharmacy safer and more efficient.

The programme will assist in the development of an ePharmacy Strategy for Ireland.

The programme will take consideration of national models for programme elements such as the creation of a national medicinal product catalogue.

Centres of ePharmacy excellence exist all over Ireland and the programme will seek to share lessons learned and best practice in this area to date.


The programme will work to support a series of initiatives that will provide benefit to the way pharmacy is managed ranging from

 ePharmacy Programme initiative diagram small.jpg

The eHealth Ireland Eco-System was launched at the National Healthcare Conference 2015. The concept of the Eco-System is an EU wide concept where countries can come together and share expertise and experiences in specific fields. This mechanism has been chosen to scope the ePharmacy programme within eHealth Ireland.