Strategic Programmes

Strategic Programmes Overview

The HSE's Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) delivers ICT services and support throughout the HSE to a current user base of over 50,000 staff, using approximately 1,400 applications in 1,000 networked sites. In addition we provide a a range of national applications to the acute voluntary sector.

There are over 300 ICT projects currently being progressed or in development. 

This technology and systems facilitate integration within and across community-based hospital care, hospitals and other specialised care providers, acting as a key enabler to create a modern health service that empowers patients. 

Recognising the importance of ICT investment for healthcare, Sláintecare sets out clear goals for the eHealth agenda to both digitally connect the health service and digitally connect the citizen (to health).          

HSE leadership were presented in 2015 with the concept of strategic programmes that would be the 'launch pad' for the Office of the Chief Information Officer. These programmes would be the priority areas for the team to focus upon and would act as the catalyst for a change in how technology is delivered to health in Ireland.

Good progress has been made against all of the programmes, they have become the foundations for the structure of the new organisation and for the creation of the Knowledge and Information plan.

The programmes of work are managed through the Office of the CIO and the Strategic Reform Group. The programmes have defined resources allocated to each of them, in each of the technical, clinical and management disciplines.