Information Services

Information Services

Head of Information Services at the Office of the CIO.

Work Streams for Information Services

Information Services will establish overall data policies, standards, organisation and compliance of appropriate data management concepts. The role has been identified as a key requirement to collaborate internally across the organisation and with external stakeholders to ensure that data is seen as a valued asset by the HSE and drives efficiencies and improves health outcomes for patients in line with the Knowledge and Information Strategy.

Information Strategy

Define an information strategy aligned to the overall HSE strategy, strategic initiatives and reform programmes, with a focus on how data and information can assist, support and improve the organisation and service delivery through enhanced capture, data analytics and reporting.

Data Governance

Arising from the current position the Office of the CIO will improve its BI capabilities across all dimensions of the organisation through the implementation of a comprehensive data governance framework. This framework will include governance methodology for data collection, storage and reporting to ensure the appropriate levels of ownership are implemented, assist managers in delivering on their obligations contained within the performance accountability framework, and support the service delivery model for improved patient care.

Business Intelligence

Information Services would support the business operating model to deliver an integrated BI model for Better Data, Better Decisions and Better Health. Information Services will collaborate with the ICT function of the Office of the CIO to deliver BI initiatives under the strategic objectives of Governance and Accountability, BI Solutions and Decision Support, Informing and Enabling and clear Road Maps for Delivery.