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Support Documents

Attend Anywhere Clinician Information

HSE Webpage with information for clinicians on getting started.

Attend Anywhere Patient Information

HSE Webpage with information for patients on getting started.

Telehealth-Equipment-Catalogue-V1.0.pdf (size 28.3 MB)

Explains equipment required, setting up your room, the different consultation options available.

Telehealth-Equipment-Request-Form.xlsx (size 15.7 KB)

Telehealth Equipment Request form should be completed fully when requesting equipment for Video Enabled Care and must be approved by your Telehealth/Digital Lead.

Video-Tool-Comparison-document-_V2.xlsx (size 16.5 KB)

This document will assist you in determining which video enabled care solution best suits your service needs.

Online-appointments-information-leaflet-V5_.docx (size 874.9 KB)

Information leaflet to support informed consent
To support HSE services in creating awareness of the availability of online health appointments, we have created the posters below which can be used in your service. Include your logo/branding in the designated areas of the poster:

Generic_Online-health-appointments-poster_HR1.pptx (size 2.1 MB)

Older-Persons_Online-health-appointments-poster_HR2.pptx (size 2.8 MB)

Maternity_Online-health-appointments-poster_HR4.pptx (size 2.2 MB)

Peadiatrics_Online-health-appointments-poster_HR3.pptx (size 2.3 MB)


Further Supports

NSD Self Service Link

This link can be used to log a call with NSD regarding technical issues. 

Please email us if you are having issues within the AttendAnywhere software.