Resources and Documents

Resources and Documents


Attend Anywhere Training Presentation

Telehealth Leads Introduction Presentation


Attend Anywhere FAQ's

Useful Information about use of Telehealth

HSE Virtual Outpatients Clinic Procedure

Incorporate Attend Anywhere in Your Clinic

NHCP COVID Response Toolkit

Scottish Digital Health & Care Learning Network Webinars

Virtual Health webpage​

Support Documents

Attend Anywhere Clinician Information

HSE Webpage with information for clinicians on getting started.

Attend Anywhere Patient Information

HSE Webpage with information for patients on getting started.

Telehealth-Equipment-Catalogue-V1.0.pdf (size 28.3 MB)

Explains equipment required, setting up your room, the different consultation options available.

Further Support

NSD Self Service Link

This link can be used to log a call with NSD regarding technical issues. 

Please email us if you are having issues within the AttendAnywhere software.