Clinician/Healthcare Staff information (getting started on AA)

Clinician/Healthcare Staff information (getting started on AA)

AttendAnywhere is a web-based platform that helps health care providers offer video call access to their patients as part of their ‘business as usual’, day-to-day operations.

Apart from internet access, all patients need is an up to date version of Google Chrome or Safari web browsers on a computer or mobile device. Patients will also need a web camera (built into laptops/smartphones) and a headset or speakers.

You, the healthcare provider will need:

  • An account to logon to Attend Anywhere.
  • HSE device with access to HSE network from location intended to carry out video consultation (for example cabled site, MIFI, HSE Smartphone).
  • Chrome or Safari web browser.
  • Headset or speakers and web camera (usually built into laptops).

Downloading Chrome

Chrome Download PC.pdf (size 622 KB)

Make Chrome Default Browser SmartPhone .pdf (size 376.7 KB)

How to guides

Create Quick Response Template on Phone with Waiting Room Link.pdf (size 490.5 KB)

How to - Screen Share on Attend Anywhere (Video and ppt presentations)

How to - Switching from front to rear camera

Connecting your HSE laptop to the HSE network using your mobile phone

Adding Additional Participants on Attend Anywhere

Useful Information

Attend Anywhere on

NHCP COVID19 Response Toolkit.pdf (size 249.7 KB)

Scottish Digital Health & Care Learning Network Webinars

5 Things to know about Attend Anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Attend Anywhere FAQs

Further Support

The following links may be useful:-

National Service Desk Self Service Link

This link can be used to log a call with NSD regarding technical issues

Virtual Health on

Virtual Health web pages on

Known issues and limitations of AttendAnywhere