National Virtual Health Team

National Virtual Health Team

The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for the delivery of health services; both in terms of the continuity of standard care, and in the provision of services specifically tailored to address the pandemic.


The Team

The National Virtual Health Team are providing Telehealth solutions to aid with the current challenges but also to support a new vector for delivery of care into the future.

VH Project Diagram for Web Jan2020

Telehealth Leads

To ensure an even and consistent approach to introducing Telehealth into business as usual Telehealth Leads have been nominated within CHO’s and Acute Hospitals.

Att Anywhere Support model

The role of these Leads is:

  • To support the roll out of Telehealth in the local CHO/Service Hospital/Speciality​

  • Liaise with ACMT, OoCIO and local supports​

  • Be a super user – coordinate and provide top-up training​

  • Support local policy and protocol development​

  • Identify and address hardware and environmental factors​

  • Disseminate information to staff on Telehealth​

  • Supporting services to apply for Telehealth licences​


    Please contact for further information regarding  the telehealth lead in your area.

Are you ready for Telehealth?

There are excellent guidance documents published on the Virtual Health page on to assist with governance. Link to governance docs

Are you ready for Telehealth

For each healthcare area/specialty the following elements will need to be considered as part of implementation:


  • Approval for Telehealth has been agreed with the clinical service
  • You have a process in place to identify suitable patients
  • You have considered how to record patient consent where required
  • You have considered how to communicate the process to your patient in a way that they will understand
  • You have identified staff to schedule the patients for telehealth appointments
  • You can ensure that all patient activity is captured and appropriately recorded
  • The process is aligned to local clinical governance policies
  • Data governance elements associated with Telehealth have been agreed
  • Provision has been made for staff to be appropriately trained in the use of Telehealth
  • You have considered the location(s) where virtual clinics will take place, taking into consideration:

             -  A private, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation

             -  Ensure background of the video call is appropriate, no visibility of sensitive information

                 e.g. whiteboard with personal data, X-rays, personal items etc.