Smart Health Summit

28th September 2022

Smart Health Summit    smaert-health

The Business Post’s 2nd annual Smart Health Summit will be taking place in  Croke Park Dublin, on the 28th September 2022. 

Topics include:

  • The path towards Electronic Health Records: Building the foundations for Ireland’s digital health and care system
  • Challenges for eHealth: Reflections from a range of stakeholders on how we leave the paper trail behind and embrace the benefits of EHRs
  • How interoperability improves healthcare delivery and patient experience
  • Building trustworthy health data ecosystems
  • Digital health’s cybersecurityimperative: Keeping patient date safe
  • Building a cyber resilient culture: Collaborative approaches to building a culture of security and compliance
  • Digital health innovators: Connecting devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies to the healthcare system
  • AI in health: Use-cases and trustworthiness
  • Insights on commercialising digital health technologies
  • Mainstreaming virtual care: Moving from pandemic response to a permanent delivery model
  • Case studiesfrom home and overseas


Who will attend?

  • Digital healthcare leaders and decision-makers
  • Decision-makers in health and care management and delivery
  • Clinicians, GPs, practice managers and hospital managers
  • Policy-makers
  • Healthcare service providers
  • Health technology solution providers
  • Legal advisors
  • Consultants

More information and tickets are available at