eHealth Ireland Committee Members



Professor Philip Nolan


Maynooth University President


Professor Brian Caulfield


School of Physiotherapy & Performance Science, Health Sciences Centre

(Deputy Chair)

Muiris O'Connor

Assistant Secretary, Department of Health

Enda Kyne

Chief technology and operations officer for FBD Insurance

Derick Mitchell


Professor George Crooks

Medical Director NHS24, Director Scotland Telehealth

Professor Joe Peppard

Professor of Management and Technology, University of South Australia (Berlin)

Andrew Griffiths

Chief Information Officer, NHS Wales

Professor James Batchelor

Director of Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Southampton University

Dr Colin Doherty

Consultant, St James (Epilepsy)

Dr Brian O Mahony

National ICT Project Manager, GPIT Programme

Dr Aine Carroll

National Director Clinical Strategy & Programmes, HSE

Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe

National Director Health & Wellbeing, HSE

Leo Kearns

National Lead Transformation and Change, HSE

Ger Reaney

Chief Officer, Community Health Organisation (HSE)

Rachel Flynn

Director of Health Information and Standards

Dr Martin Curley

Chief Information Officer, HSE

Henry Minogue

VP, Chief Information Officer, Virgin Media, Ireland

Helen McBreen

Investment Director, Atlantic Bridge Capital

Yvonne Goff

Chief Clinical Information Officer, HSE

Hazel Chappell

Independent Business Change Consultant

Deirdre Lee

Founder, Derilinx

Diane Nevin

Founder, Health Evident

Richard Corbridge

CDIO, Leeds teaching hospital NHS trust

Colin Mac Hale

Health & Life Sciences, Industry Director, EMEA

Mr Tibbs Pereira

Citizen Patient representative