History of the eHealth Ireland Committee

A key element of the eHealth Strategy is the establishment of an independent entity called “eHealth Ireland”. This will be established initially on an administrative basis within the HSE, through the formation of the eHealth Ireland Committee, approved by the HSE Directorate. The purpose of the Committee will be to support and guide implementation of the eHealth Strategy through the implementation of the Knowledge and Information plan.

The eHealth Ireland Committee comprises individuals who have very relevant competencies to support the CIO, HSE/Chief Officer, eHealth Ireland (CIO) to implement the strategy. It will review and recommend implementation strategies to the CIO, and advise the CIO and HSE Directorate on ICT investment decisions.

The publication of the eHealth Strategy for Ireland in late 2013, identified the critical role of eHealth in enabling these fundamental reforms of the health service. The steps taken up to now have enabled the HSE to begin to create a structure that allows eHealth to truly become a catalyst for the reform of health care in Ireland.

The Committee will contain expertise and experience across a broad range of skills and knowledge including:

EHI committee

Members will be appointed by the HSE Directorate and serve for an initial two year period, with the option of extending individual appointments for a further three years. A key factor in considering this option will be to ensure continuity on the Committee. The Committee will operate primarily on a consensus basis.

As the Committee works in the early years with the CIO to develop strategies, approaches, priorities and evaluates investments it will meet between four and six times annually.

The eHealth Ireland Committee will be supported by a secretariat provided through the Office of the CIO. The process of establishment of eHealth Ireland will be progressed as an integral part of the ICT Reform Programme, given its connectivity to other relevant work streams.

The chair of the eHealth Ireland Committee had this to say about eHealth and its importance:

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