Working Together with MS Teams

Working Together with MS Teams

Need to connect with colleagues?  The rollout of Microsoft Teams by the OoCIO has enabled a hub for teamwork across the HSE.  Teams provides a simple and easy to use tool where you  can virtually meet  colleagues, collaborate on documents, and share ideas through the Teams' shared workspace.  You can also easily host workshops using breakout rooms, organise training sessions, and keep all messaging in one central location, helping your team to work together creatively.

Join the HSE staff who are using MS Teams to work smarter together.

How do I get MS Teams?

MS Teams is available to all staff on the national HealthIrl domain.

Need to check if you are on the HealthIrl domain? Click here

If you are on the HealthIrl domain, sign up for MS Teams on the National Service Desk self-service portal.

Where can I access training?

Live MS Teams training sessions are held on the dates below for MS Teams users. Each session starts at 12 noon lasts 30 minutes followed by a 15 minute Q+A. There is no need to register for a session – simply ‘turn up’ to training by clicking on the link below 5 minutes before the scheduled training session.

Please note that each link is for an individual training session meeting


Dec 15th

Click here to join the meeting


January 12th

Click here to join the meeting 

Jan 26th

Click here to join the meeting

MS Teams Training Videos

Introduction to MS Teams in the HSE

Introduction to Roles and tools

Introduction to Teams Workspace

Getting Started: 

Quick Start Guide

Need a quick tour of  your new Teams space? This guide will get you started.

Usage Guidelines

New to managing teams, channels and chat?  These guidelines can help.

Troubleshooting Guide

Can't hear or see? Our  troubleshooting guide may help.

Support and Resources

last updated 115/11/2022