Business Services CRM

Business Services CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology supports the management of customer relationships and provides insights from customer interactions to highlight improvement opportunities in business processes.

The Business Services CRM team has developed a central CRM platform on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables individual CRM solutions to be customised for HSE business functions to record and manage their respective customer interactions such as support requests or queries.

The Business Services CRM Team can configure individualised feature-rich CRM solutions which align to the specific support processes and workflows in the relevant HSE business function. The team also provides follow-up services such as application support, access management and change management as solutions evolve/expand.

Customer centric by design, the platform contains a common dataset which can be shared by all solutions. It also includes a self-service portal which contains an expanding knowledge base and enables support requests to be raised and tracked by customers (HSE employees) across a range of business services from within a single technology location.

To date, the team has delivered and supports CRM solutions for the following HSE business areas

  • HSE National HR
  • HSE Estates
  • HSE National Finance
  • RPA Centre of Excellence
  • Health Identifiers (IHI)
  • NiSRP Programme
  • IFMS Programme

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