National Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNTIMS)

National Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNTIMS)


The National Children’s Disability Network Team Information Management System (CDNTIMS) will support delivery of the Progressing Disability Services programme (PDS) across our 9 CHOs, and meet our Disability Act (2005) obligations.

  • Move the existing HSE Management Information System (MIS) to a stable cloud hosted platform, ensuring its continued safe use
  • Implement enhancements to the current MIS system (HSE Mid-West) to meet the criteria for a uniform national system
  • Integrate standard referral forms under the National Policy on Access to Services for Children and Young People with Disability and Developmental Delay
  • Migrate data from the existing systems in HSE and partner Section 38/39 agencies to the national system allowing for continuity of services and preservation of existing records
  • Replace the existing AoN system and migrate all existing AoN data into the new AoN module in CDNTIMS. Adult and child AoN will be facilitated by CDNTIMS.
  • Replace the existing National Day Services database and migrate all existing data from the National Day Services Database into the new standalone Day Services system
  • Provide a single file data extract, which includes data from all 91 teams, to upload data to the National Ability Support System (NASS)
  • Integrate with Individual Health Identifier
  • Integrate with Data Lake

The use of the singular CDNTIMS in all CDNTs will lead to:

  • Improvements in time management and balancing workload.
  • Standardisation of systems and processes.

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