Health Provider Portal

Health Provider Portal

HPP Applications

HPP currently consists of 3 applications:

  • Vaccination History Search (VHS) (live April 2021)
  • PharmaVax (live June 2021)
  • GPVax (live August 2021)


Vaccination History Search provides a read-only view into the HSE Data Lake and returns a client’s latest vaccination record, based on specific demographic search criteria.

PharmaVax provides a vaccination event recording service for community pharmacies across the country.

GPVax provides a vaccination event recording service for GPs who do not have an accredited Practice Management System on which to record their vaccinations.


The PharmaVax & GPVax solutions provide near real-time automatic transfer of vaccination records to Covax via Healthlink HL7 messaging integration. The applications also provide for the automatic transfer of vaccination records on a monthly basis to the Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) for payments to Pharmacies and GPs enrolled in the Vaccination Programme.


HPP harnesses the programming capability and technical expertise of the A2i-HIDs team in the designing and employing of a number of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to search, capture and exchange data.  APIs have been employed in HPP for look-up and matching of data including: the GP API, IHI API, Eircode API, Vaccination History API, COV-ID API and Eligible for Booster API.

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