Covid Services Front Door Portal

Covid Services Front Door Portal

The Covid Services Front Door (CSFD) portal has been created to simplify and improve a citizen’s interaction with the HSE when requesting a Covid related service by providing them with a simple user-friendly interface to capture and pre-populate some of their information.

The portal aims to make the process of booking a Covid service simpler for members of the public. Of more significance, by assisting the Citizen to complete the information accurately, the CSFD portal maximises our ability to securely identify, contact and correspond with the citizen and ultimately ensure that the service they have requested is delivered as efficiently as possible.


In response to the Covid19 pandemic many disparate technical solutions were rapidly developed and deployed across the Covid Care and Response pathways. These solutions were agile in their delivery, demonstrating the capability to rapidly implement the technical solutions that were critical to responding to the pandemic.

The development of the CSFD portal provided an opportunity to front-end these solutions with a clear and consistent single-entry point for citizens who need to avail of various services.

The benefits include:

  • Clarity of information
  • Pre-population of addresses for example with Eircode
  • Provision of multi-lingual information (Irish & English)
  • IHI (Covid-ID)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Validation of data fields for example. addresses, mobile phone numbers, PPS numbers.
  • Provision of accurate data to systems supporting these services
  • Provision of richer health and operational intelligence about demands and trends.

Available Services

The Covid Services Front Door Portal currently accommodates 2 services:

- PCR appointment bookings

- Antigen Kit ordering

Planned Developments

The next release will include the ability for the citizen to save their information so that subsequent logins will present their pre-populated data. This portal is the foundation for the A2i-HIDs team’s development of the Citizen Health Portal which in time will extend to non-Covid related services.

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