Increase Adoption (Phase 2)

Increase Adoption (Phase 2)

The number of General eReferrals continues to grow and represents 50.8% of all referrals for Outpatient services in January 2020.


This reflects the continued adoption by both GPs and Hospitals. In the last three months alone, over 64% of GPs have used eReferrals and to date 88% have used the service at least once. The graph below charts the growth of general eReferrals across the national rollout phase and on to phase 2 which is about expanding the digital bridge that was built between GPs and hospitals during phase 1 of the eReferral programme.


Increasing Adoption

With the hospital we are working to increase the number of specialties that can be referred to electronically as well as to increase the number of responses back to the GPs. Together with our GP colleagues we are making enhancements to the accredited GP practice management systems to improve the referral process and enable them to add attachments to their eReferrals.

Specialist Referral Forms

As part of phase 2 there are currently two nationally agreed speciality specific eReferral forms developed.


The Ophthalmology pilot in RVEEH has finished and the form has been rolled out nationally*.


*changes are required to the Mater's Patient Administration System to support the new form.


An extension of the Endoscopy pilot at St. Vincent's University Hospital has meant that Beaumont Hospital, UL Hospitals and St James’s Hospital are now live with new eReferral. The form is now ICGP approved and we are currently planning the national rollout. If you wish to register your hospitals interest in enabling this form please email "ereferrals" AT "".