Access to Information and Health Identifier Programme (A2I-HIDs)



Access to Information & Health Identifiers Programme is a division of the Office of the CIO, enabling timely access to health information when and where it is needed.

Access to Information is tasked with ensuring that systems and solutions being introduced wthin the health system integrate with each other. The function has an enterprise wide view of eHealth solutions so information can flow easily through the system and can be reused and redirected where appropriate. The team develop, support and manage services which can enable change and improved efficiencies within the Health Service through the use of connected eHealth solutions.

The main areas of work are as follows:

  • Healthlink
  • eReferrals
  • Healthmail
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Agile eHealth

Health Identifiers Programme (HIDs)

The provision of health identifiers for individual service users and health service providers was identified as a key enabler for the eHealth Strategy for Ireland. These Health Identifiers promote patient safety by allowing the identification of health service users and their health care records. This provides health service professionals with information they need to treat their patients and clients.

Areas of work are:

  • Individual Health Identifiers (for Patients and Clients availing of Health Services)
  • Health Service Provider Identifiers (for Practitioners and Organisations)


Róisín Doherty, Director Access to Information & Health Identifiers Programme


Twitter: @a2i_hids