Engaging With ePharmacy

Engaging With ePharmacy


There has been a huge positive response  from all sectors of pharmacy to the eHealth Ireland’s ePharmacy Programme.

 We welcome input and feedback from anyone with an interest or expertise in this area and you can contact the programme at any stage by emailing the ePharmacy Programme Manager.

Initial engagement has taken place with the following groups, companies and organisations to ascertain what is currently in place , some of the concerns and building blocks currently in place that might feed into the ePharmacy Programme..



ePharmacy  Discussed At  Inaugural eHealth Ireland Ecosystem Meeting

Following a series of awareness-raising initiatives, starting at eHealth Week in 2013 and culminating at the HISI Annual Conference in November 2015, the Health Service Executive (HSE) appointed the Health Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI) and the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) to facilitate the eHealth Ireland Ecosystem.

Over 200 people from  The Department of Health, HSE, innovative health technology suppliers, hospital chief pharmacists, dermatologists, nurses, academics, GPs, and software engineers, attended the inaugural meeting  of the Irish eHealth Ecosystem meeting in Dublin 

 A report about the day and all presentations are available to View


All the attendees took part in a very useful & informative round table discussion around the scope & delivery of the eHealth Ireland ePharmacy Programme.

ePharmacy Programme Initiative 1.

 The following feedback from the table discussions was received from the  participants at the meeting.