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Meet the Previous NIMIS Team Members

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Professor Neil O'Hare:  Director of Informatics in St. James's Hospital with corporate responsibility for ICT, Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering, Clinical Photography and HIPE Coding. Member of the hospital's corporate management team.  Former Programme Lead on the National Integrated Medical Imgaing System (NIMIS) Project (linkedin_neil-o-hare)

Yvonne_profile PIcYvonne Goff:  Chief Clinical Information Officer of the Health Service Executive in Ireland. It has been over twelve months since the CCIO was established in Ireland and it has expanded over the past year, under Yvonne's guidance, to a network of over 170 members across many regions and disciplines. Yvonne has been a key driver in one of the largest eHealth projects in Ireland to date, the NIMIS project, and has developed an expertise in project delivery in difficult environments  (ehealthireland_Yvonne-Goff)
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Kate McKenna:  Clinical Specialist radiographer and NIMIS Project Manager.  Kate worked as part of the NIMIS implementation project team in Beaumont Hospital and was subsequently assigned the role of Project Manager.  NIMIS went live in Beaumont in 2010 and Kate then moved onto a Project Manager role in the NIMIS National Team and was a key driver in installing NIMIS in many hospitals around the country.

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Damian Duffy: A member of the NIMIS National Team since 2013 Damian worked as a NIMIS Radiology Information System (RIS) Specialist involved in implementing the NIMIS RIS application nationally to all hospitals engaged with the project.  Damian subsequently moved onto the role of Project Manager in Connolly Hospital on the MedLis Project.  Damian has now joined the National NM-CMS project as System Analyist.


Julie Bellew: 

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Peter Smith:  Project Manager for the National Endoscopy Project and former member of the NIMIS National Team where he worked as Senior Programmer. 

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Breeda Feeney:  Senior Project Manager currently involved as lead in the national IPMs project.

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Radiography Services Manager in Our Lady’s Hospital Navan.  In 2010 Valerie took on the role of NIMIS Project Manager for the North East Hospital Group. She subsequently joined the NIMIS National Team as a project manager rolling out the system in many hospitals throughout the country until 2013 when she took up her present role.