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Breda Matthews

Breda_profile pichello my name is  Breda Matthews

My name is Breda Matthews and I’ve been working in the HSE for a long number of years now. Since 2004, I have worked as a Grade V11 ICT Project Manager; and in the last 5 years as a member of the national team working on the implementation and rollout of NIMIS (National Integrated Medical Imaging System), a RIS/PACS filmless solution, which has been rolled out to 39 hospitals around the country to date. The implementations can be challenging and complex, while trying to satisfy both clinical and patient needs, but at the same time very rewarding, as I have seen the benefit to patient care at first hand, i.e. the ability of a Consultant in one NIMIS hospital to give an immediate second opinion to a Consultant in another NIMIS hospital, by logging into the same shared database to view the same images at the same time. I feel that my project management skills have been enhanced over the lifetime of this project and I can honestly say that every day is a learning day on NIMIS.  

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All in a day’s work - (me in Theatre scrubs at a NIMIS hospital Go Live checking the system)

Prior to my time in ICT, I worked in a variety of other roles at different levels, e.g. Community Health, Finance, Psychiatric Services, and I feel that this varied previous experience has facilitated me in bringing unique qualities to my current role.

When not working I love to go line dancing with my friends and hill walking and I have just this year completed the last leg of the Camino.