Cancer Care eHealth Programme

Cancer Care eHealth Programme Overview


The Office of the CIO has created the Cancer Care eHealth Programme in conjunction with the National Cancer Control Programme, NCCP.

Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy, or Chemotherapy, is one of the frequently used treatment modalities and is delivered in 26 hospitals across Ireland. Treatment of cancer with Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy (SACT) often involves high-risk drugs and complex treatment regimens which can comprise of multiple drugs and supportive therapies. A priority area for the Cancer Care eHealth Programme is to provide digital support for prescribing and administration of Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy.

The Medical Oncology Clinical Information System (MOCIS) Project has been initiated within the Cancer Care eHealth Programme. The scope of the National Medical Oncology Clinical Information System (MOCIS) project is the procurement, implementation and support of a single national MOCIS solution to be deployed centrally, utilised and accessed by public hospitals across the Irish Health Service. The MOCIS solution is to support the care of oncology and haemato-oncology patients receiving SACT in both adult and paediatric hospitals across Ireland.

The NCCP believes that: “The implementation of the Medical Oncology Clinical Information System will bring chemotherapy delivery in Ireland in line with international best practice and is a fundamental component of an overall cancer data strategy."