Panel Question and Answer Session

Panel Questions and Answers Session

A Panel Q&A followed, led by Kevin Conlon, DoH:
  • Q1 What is your opinion of an ePharmacy Ecosystem?

Michael Fitzpatrick: Chief Pharmacist Our Lady’s Children’s hospital…: Management are now recognizing the impact that could be made by ICT within Pharmacy. Hospital support is imperative. Linking with other hospitals is also important

Roisin Cunniffe : a lot of amazing work is going on in silos. Note that there are issues around medicines legislation that would have to be changed in order to achieve a Universal Patient Record to include Pharmacy/prescriptions…

But she said that we have to decide what it is we need before we go down the road of an EHR. The “What?” dictates everything.

  • Q2: What one thing would assist you in the road to eHealth?

Michael Fitzgerald – “Clinicians and hospital management in all hospitals need to look at your manual processes... a lot of people do different things with small deviations because of mind-set, culture etc., that all add up to make things more difficult. We need to standardize! Get a common version across all hospitals and you will cut years off your rollout. No hospital is 100% right, so a standardized and agreed approach to each process”

Pamela Logan: “a lot of building blocks are in place, we just have to get along and do it! Let’s get a collaborative group together to make sure for example that compliance exists. Also their ability to issue Electronic prescriptions in a PULL (patient choice of pharmacy) system rather than a PUSH (into a specific pharmacy)”

  • Q3. What is the magic solution?

Leonora - PharmaPod “We know what the problems are so we need to focus on the solutions… we have great accelerated programmes here … but there is a valley of death after that, which companies go through… I would like to see an appreciation of the amount of effort for innovation so far, a mind-set in government for procurement of Irish Innovation”

When the Q&A began, it was clear from all the topics covered that the key message is that:

Standardisation is THE crucial aspect of facilitating the eHealth agenda.

Final Questions at end of Afternoon Session

Oisin…” hospital pharmacist at the bottom of the silo” How do I get the help I need?.

Ans: Richard Corbridge: - "this is what the ecosystem is about. The new arrangement we envisage for ICT in the HSE, is to allow ideas like yours to come to the top.."

Brian O'Connor, ECHA – this is a common problem. If the minister says there is an appetite for risk. To be innovative and bring ideas forward, you’ve got to be able to use the organisations discussed today to help you bring about the solution

Private hospital pharmacist introduced an ePharma system which paid for itself in 6 months. There is a lot of money to be saved in this area.

Richard Corbridge – we have now gone from  6 – 8 strategic ePharmacy programmes.

Comment: Patient advocacy should be part of events such as this one. They are the key stakeholders in this discussion and the most under-utilized resource in healthcare.