The Lighthouse Projects EcoSystem 1st March 2016

The Lighthouse Projects

eHealth Ireland Ecosystem - The Lighthouse Projects

March 1, 2016 at the Ballsbridge Hotel

Ecosystem - 5The Lighthouse Projects around Epilepsy, Haemophilia, and Bipolar were the focus for discussion at the fourth instalment of the eHealth Ireland Ecosystem at the Ballsbridge Hotel on March 1st, 2016.

The event, attended by over 140 delegates, brought together the HSE, the Department of Health, hospital clinicians, nurses, service users, industry leaders, and vendors. 

The CIO of the HSE, Richard Corbidge, introduced the delegates to the three lighthouse projects, emphasising that the use of technology in healthcare will inevitably save lives. He was followed by the keynote speaker for the day Olive O’Connor, the founder of MediStori. She brought the attendees on a journey through her experiences which lead to the creation of her medical organiser/journal, MediStori. In her inspiring presentation, Olive spoke about the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders.

After Olive’s keynote presentation delegates were given a brief overview by each of the lighthouse project leads: Dr. Colin Doherty, Epilepsy; Dr. Barry White, Haemophilia and Mr. Mel McIntyre and Dr. Seamus MacSuibhne, Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Doherty from St. James Hospital introduced Pisces (Providing Individualized Services and Care for Epilepsy) and its concept of precision medicine. Haemophilia lead, Dr. Barry White, showed the key requirements of integration between stakeholders, data repository and keep open source platforms, as a vital element to the future of eHealth projects. The final lighthouse project review on Bipolar Disorder from Mr. McIntyre and Dr. MacSuibhne focused on the need for user centric and confidential systems.

All speakers emphasised the theme that technology, while an enabler, is not the only solution and that system integration is the main key to success.

During the event all delegates collaborated with facilitators to discuss each of the lighthouse projects to establish challenges that might be encountered and possible solutions for these potential hurdles. A full report of these discussions will be published in the near future.



Registration and networking




Richard Corbridge,HSE CIO



Keynote speaker

Olive O Connor, Expert by Experience, Creative Founder, MediStori



Introduction to Lighthouse Project Leaders

Mary Cleary, Deputy CEO, ICS/HISI



Lighthouse Project: Epilepsy

Dr Colin Doherty, Consultant Neurologist, St James's Hospital



Lighthouse Project: Haemophilia

Dr Barry White, Medical Director, Consultant Haematologist, St James's Hospital


Lighthouse Project: Bipolar Disorder

Mel McIntyre, Managing Director, OpenApp

Dr Seamus MacSuibhne, Consultant Psychiatrist, St Luke's Hopsital


Coffee and Networking





Networking Lunch


Feedback  /  Q&A


European Connected Health Alliance - Update

Liz Ashall-Payne, Outreach Coordinator, ECHAlliance


eHealth Ireland Reaction and Next Steps

Richard Corbridge, HSE CIO




Keynote speaker - Olive O Connor

Epilepsy - Dr Colin Doherty

Haemophilia - Dr Barry White

Bipolar - Dr Seamus MacSuibhne and Mr Mel McIntyre