eHealth Research

Research into eHealth Implementation

Research into eHealth Implementation

The Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) centre, based in University College Dublin (UCD) will work with the HSE to research and evaluate the implementation of the National eHealth Strategy. ARCH and the Office of the Chief Information Officer, HSE have agreed this collaborative research for two key reasons, to:

  1. ensure that the HSE team continues to learn as the implementation of technology into health continues
  2. put in place a mechanism to enable small to medium sized enterprises across Ireland understand how the HSE is delivering and how they can get involved through the ARCH collaborative

ARCH’s aim is to assist the HSE in understanding and promoting best-practice implementation of its eHealth strategy.   ARCH has conducted a variety of research, both nationally and internationally, into how to build and deploy sustainable models of technology-enabled healthcare, with a particular focus on how to best influence adoption, implementation and retention of eHealth solutions.

Led by Dr Maria QuiPhoto from eReferral Projectnlan, ARCH commenced its research by assessing the implementation of the national roll-out of general eReferrals, and by working with the Council of Clinical Information Officers to explore levels of innovation readiness within healthcare organisation in Ireland. This research enables all parties to develop an understanding of the key enablers and barriers to successful deployment, and to evaluate the benefits of the implementation.

ARCH is committed to participatory, human-centred research, which seeks to ensure that eHealth solutions are implemented in a way that is sustainable for all of those involved in the deployment. With this aim in mind, ARCH will be reaching out to key stakeholders so that all voices in the eHealth implementation are heard and that the opinions of those who have to adopt new technological solutions are understood.

‘By their very nature, eHealth initiatives are disruptive to business as usual, and healthcare transformation programmes are challenging to implement. By engaging ARCH to work with us, we will be able to assess what’s working and what’s not as we roll out our eHealth programme. We can use this information to understand how best to proceed with our implementation, so that we can provide a sustainable model of eHealth which has buy-in from all of those involved in the process.”  

Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, HSE 

The research that ARCH provide into eHealth in Ireland will sit side by side with the eHealth EcoSystem and enable the HSE to deliver benefits through technology in an agile and inclusive manner.