QIC Digital Programme

QIC Digital Programme


eHealth Ireland’s Quality Innovation Corridor (QIC)

The Quality Innovation Corridor (QIC) is designed to open up innovation pathways through which clinicians, in collaboration with eHealth Ireland expertise, can seek seed-funding for creative digital solutions. These pathways will combine agile approval with rapid procurement and swift deployment of digital technologies within the healthcare settings. Focussing on low-cost, low-overhead, pathfinder initiatives, the QIC programme will engage with other existing drivers of innovation such as the CCIO, Industry and Academia in seeking out innovative digital solutions.

Quality Innovation Corridor (QIC) Digital Programme

The (QIC) Digital Programme represents collaboration between Clinicians, Industry, Academia and eHealthIreland to develop innovative healthcare digital solutions.

Amongst the ethos & characteristics of the programme are:

- Digital Innovation

- Rapid Deployment

- Low overhead

- Agile approvals

- Cloud first

- Funding <€25k per initiative (max)

- Clear benefits

Approved projects will carry out project implementation in accordance with Change and Portfolio Management guidelines.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Proposals must identify a healthcare scenario which can be improved through the digital advancement proposed.
  2. The proposed digital solution must clearly demonstrate how it will positively influence and change the landscape for healthcare in Ireland.
  3. Ideas can come from anywhere within eHealthIreland, Industry, Academia and Clinicians. Applications must come from within the Health Service.
  4. Submissions must include a Business Case and Cost Estimate.
  5. Applicants must register using their HSE email address and submit their proposal online through the eHealthIreland online application process.
  6. Proposed solutions should be footprint-light (i.e. ideally cloud based and/or offer software as a service).
  7. Proposers must be available to present their solutions to the eHealthIreland QIC Programme Director on an agreed date.

Application Process

Applications must register and submit their application online.

Opening for applications: Autumn 2016

Applicants will receive updates on the progression of their application through the online portal.

If you require further clarification, please contact QICinfo@eHealthIreland.ie

QIC Application Process


Starting Your Application

Checklist and Points to Note

Before you start filling in the application form, make sure you have all the relevant documents and information to hand – you will need all of this to complete this form.

  Username and Password from Registration

  Sponsor Details

  Business Case & Cost Estimate


Once you have submitted your completed application. eHealthIreland.ie will send you an e-mail confirmation and details of how you can track your application status via My Open Applications on the self-service log in page.


How to make an application.

If you have created an innovative digital solution which would benefit the Irish Healthcare System, we would be delighted to receive your application for seed funding.

Here is how it works in five simple steps.


The step-by-step-process


QIC Online Application

This case study shows how the Diabetes Centre in University College Galway is using QIC funding to introduce software to help diabetes sufferers: