3D4Medical is an award-winning software technology company that specialises in the development of cutting-edge medical learning applications and clinical solutions to educate a variety of health care learners, including students, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and patients.  The company's apps are medical advisory board reviewed and encourage unique learning experiences through intuitive user interface design and stunning 3D visualisations of human anatomy.

3rd Pillar Clinical

The 3rd Pillar Orchestrator is a step-change in Patient Engagement. 

 We make it easy for Clinical Service Providers to address their patients' "Now What?" moments. 

 The Orchestrator is a graphical tool that builds and operates Patient Support Services. It allows Pharma Companies, Medical Device Vendors and Service Providers to get to service in weeks rather than months, without an upfront CapEx cost. 

Brainey App

Worked as a clinical nurse specialist in stroke rehabilitation and had a brain injury 2013. Recovery after a brain injury is a long slow journey that lasts a lifetime.

Self-Recovery Platform is designed as an app (person) and responsive website (for healthcare professionals / carers). People will either have cognitive nerve energy or physical nerve energy, due to plasticity. This nerve energy if not recognised leads to chronic fatigue syndrome, re-admissions within first month of discharge home. The first app will be a fatigue app which enables re-structuring of in-patient rehabilitation and a discharge plan to incorporate rehabilitation around person’s fatigue needs. The platform will be person-centred and will enhance quality of life.


Caragon have developed a general purpose data aggregation platform that allows us to extract information from almost any data source, make sense of it and deliver it in any format. We create solutions that release employees and managers from unproductive manual administrative tasks. Synapses™ - our proprietary cloud based platform – provides data solutions, complete end to end report automation and system integration for small, medium and large enterprises. This empowers companies to increase productivity and improve critical decision making. This is all achieved within our secure cloud based infrastructure protected by our “Triple Lock Security” policy.

Care Zapp

Caragon have developed a general purpose data aggregation platform that allows us to extract information from almost any data source, make sense of it and deliver it in any format. We create solutions that release employees and managers from unproductive manual administrative tasks. Synapses™ - our proprietary cloud based platform – provides data solutions, complete end to end report automation and system integration for small, medium and large enterprises. This empowers companies to increase productivity and improve critical decision making. This is all achieved within our secure cloud based infrastructure protected by our “Triple Lock Security” policy.


Through brain powered play, Cortechs uses neurofeedback and healthy games to improve attention deficit behaviours. We make focus fun - our first brainwave-sensing game Zip and the Misty Mountain teaches children to train their brains to become more attentive; over time, a child can learn to self-regulate their attentions when managing everyday tasks. 

DynoMedDynomed is a healthcare data and analytics start-up with a strategic interest in the outcomes of patients undergoing positive airway pressure (PAP) therapies.

We are using the concept of the sharing economy within this healthcare space to gather and use data across a multitude of medical devices that aid patients and clinicians alike, to make technical and behavioural changes that enhance the outcomes of PAP treatments concerned with condition such as sleep apnoea, COPD and motor neuron disease.

ehealth care

ehealthcare- Integrating technology to promote healthier lifestyles.

We offer healthcare organizations an innovative platform to managing patients with chronic conditions (such as diabetes) in the most preferred and cost effective environment - their residential home. We can help improve patient engagement which results in better disease prevention, by giving them the tools to self-monitor and change behaviour. This leads to greater treatment success, based on increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy; and better clinical decision making, as a result of more information sharing between the patient and clinician.
Fulll Health

Full Health is a digital innovation that is based on solid preventative health medicine and best practice. A core feature of the product is its ability to instantly convert medical test results into easy to understand personal reports and population group reports, which are accessible on any device connected to the Internet, Testament to their success is that now over 100 organisations use Full Health to deliver better healthcare using it’s medical intelligence and smart workflow technology.


Grace App Communication uses existing consumer technology to demonstrate that independent communication and Life Skills support can be affordable, accessible and adaptable. Grace App on iOS allows non speaking people with Autism and other disabilities to communicate effectively, using pictures to make sentences to discriminate real needs. 

Grace App was recognised in 2010 for an Irish Web Award, and a United Nations World Summit Award for Mobile education and learning. Lisa has received a number of awards for social entrepreneurship including “Women Mean Business Big Idea” 2011, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Finalist in 2011, David Manley Social Entrepreneur 2012, Image Magazine Social Entrepreneur 2013 and Silicon Republic’s “Women Invent, 100 women in STEM” list for 2014.

Lisa is primary carer to two teenagers with Autism who occupy and inspire her daily. She is a part time entrepreneur and volunteers when available on projects supporting people with Autism and special needs.

Health Beacon

HealthBeacon is a medical adherence technology company that develops smart tools for managing medication.

Patients are only 50-65% compliant to their treatment schedules for self-injectable medications.

Our first product – The HealthBeacon - is a smart sharps bin that helps people who use home injected medications to manage long term conditions. 
It replaces conventional waste disposal bins with a patient support tool to help patients start and remain on time in taking injections.

Health Bridge

HealthBridge is a behavioural analytical software platform for long-term conditions, combining a patient self-monitoring/management mobile application, with clinical monitoring/management software.  

HealthBridge puts ‘care in the pocket’ of patients.
  • Clinical services upload clinical tools.

  • Patients download a personalised, secure mobile app, prompting: goals; activities; medication; appointments; self-management tools; homework, and tracking progress.

  • Clinicians monitor progress and receive alerts of possible deterioration in a patient's condition between scheduled visits. 

  • Service providers track patient engagement and outcomes.

HealthBridge Technology is owned and managed by Aislinn Enright and Dervilla O’Brien.  HealthBridge version 1 is built.  Its first pilot project will commence in Q4 2016.
Health union tech

Health Union Technologies provides a wellness hub to ensure healthy and safe employees in the work environment. Their first app based product monitors cognitive and physical alertness to improve safety performance and productivity and reduces employees fatigue and burn out.

InduIndu us a comprehensive home-care solution, connecting families with quality healthcare professionals through an online portal which makes it fast, easy and effective to schedule, deliver and manage quality care for an ageing loved one in their home.

Essentially, Indu acts as a central hub connecting older persons and families with home care services in an integrated fashion. Our platform enables care professionals and families to collaborate and share information easily. Access to real-time health information and adoption of an integrated approach supports achievement of optimal health outcomes and quality of life for our ageing loved ones in their home.


Kinesis Health Technologies are a medical device company focused on developing products that provide healthcare professionals with greater clinical insight in the assessment of a patient’s movement and motion using sensor-based technologies. Kinesis are a spinout company of University College Dublin and a large ageing research programme, the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre.  

Kinesis has developed proprietary technologies that improves the ability to identify patients at risk of falling and assess mobility and gait in a broad range of patient cohorts across geriatrics, neurology and orthopaedics. Kinesis products are used to risk stratify a patient cohorts as well as measure patient response to therapy and rehabilitation.

Medical EGuides (MEG) provide clinical support tools for people working in hospitals and primary care.  We work closely with clinicians to create meaningful solutions to engage users, measure the clinical effectiveness and improve performance.

 Our MEG Guidelines system allows hospitals to deliver guidelines, protocols and clinical practice guides to staff members on their own mobile devices.  Access to this information at the point of care helps to improve patient treatment experiences and can address the area of appropriate antimicrobial stewardship.  Other solutions include auditing applications which makes audits paperless and more accurate, this helps to reduce healthcare associated infections (HCAI) through improved audit, feedback and reporting.

Mood Secure

Moodsecure is a mood diary app that allows mental health patients keep their therapists informed as to how they are feeling for the duration of their treatment, in real time. It sends discrete reminders to the patient to give updates on their daily mood (which is inputted into the app), to take their medication as prescribed and also encourages regular exercise.

Nurse Buddy

NurseBuddy enables home care providers to focus on delivering high quality, cost effective home care by providing a cloud-based software solution to manage all care duties for all employees involved in the process. Care coordinators are able to easily manage care business services such as automated rostering, electronic monitoring, invoicing and payroll, care planning and much more. Care workers are able to report in real time from client visits, and communicate with care managers through a dedicated smartphone mobile app, recording attendance and digitally storing any important information or notes about the client.

At NurseBuddy, we believe in the power of new technologies to deliver high standards of home care. Our technology presents a unique solution to support the promotion of all people maintaining their independence and staying in their own home to receive care.
nsilicoNSilico’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare, diagnostics, drug development and research by putting actionable information into the hands of those that need it.  We are doing this through our range of software products in the areas of clinical Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) management, genomics and molecular diagnostics – which are transforming the working lives of clinicians and researchers across the world.

Patient M Power

patientMpower empowers patients to improve their their outcome and enables health providers to move towards value based healthcare with real world outcomes data.

We have solutions for Transplant, IPF, Vasculitis & Prostate Cancer, empowering patients with tools, data and content which is validated by leading medical experts. Our platform connects with hospital systems allowing them to send data to patients and receive home diagnostic data such as blood pressure and home spirometry. Our customers include The Irish National Kidney Transplant Centre in Beaumont Hospital, and The Irish Prostate Cancer Outcome Research organisation.


Pharmapod is an innovative cloud based software. It helps pharmacy businesses to reduce operational costs and maximise efficiencies for their pharmacies, superintendents and head office departments.  Pharmapod is the driving force to empower these pharmacy teams with effective tools to decrease the number of errors that occur. By doing so they will increase patient safety and the quality of customer service provided. It also ensures compliance and governance in line with the pharmacy regulation. Pharmapod is the only software of the kind and is currently used in over 600 pharmacies across the UK and Ireland.

Pinpoint is a Limerick company based out of the Nexus Innovation centre in UL. Pinpoint is developing a new patient scheduling and management system for perioperative care teams. The aim of the software is to improve efficiency and reduce the number of operations that are cancelled. Pinpoint is working in collaboration with the perioperative care team in the University Hospital Limerick to trial the system early in the new year.

At Galvanic we believe in encouraging and empowering people to get the most out of life by successfully managing their stress. That’s why we created the Pip.

The Pip biosensing device, with Apps and HIPAA compliant cloud platform, provides you with an enjoyable way to relax, refocus and learn to better manage stress.

The Pip is backed by scientific research and recognised as a leading stress management solution by industry experts. Companies, sports teams, schools, students and professionals around the world are benefiting from the Pip. They love its simplicity, portability and ability to provide actionable data and measurable outcomes.


Ranesys EWS & Patient Handover is a Mobile and Desktop App that has been developed to make handover a painless process while ensuring full risk compliance for your Hospital Group. Review your patients on any mobile or desktop device. Easily add any notes, reminders, acuties, etc using the correct ISBAR, I-MEWS, NEWS, etc. standards. Integrating smoothly with your Patient Records System or working independently, Patient Handover allows your staff to get on with their jobs while you get on with yours. The tool allows for smooth and compliant Patient Handover between individuals and teams of medical staff. Consultants, Nurses, SHO's & Reg's can 'Review', 'Push' and 'Accept' patients between each other. Authorized staff can scan, search and review patients, and add notes, messages and reminders for themselves or other staff and collect EWS information.


ViClarity provide Compliance Monitoring solutions to Healthcare organisations in Ireland, the U.K and the US. ViClarity's innovative platform allows organisations to easily track and manage all of their audits and paper based processes in one system using a colour coded dashboard. The dashboard provides live information on all audits conducted. ViClarity has a fully integrated CA/PA feature built in and delivers detailed informative reports with one click. ViClarity has pre-built audit templates available including, Medication Management, Hygiene, Health and Safety, Nutrition and Hydration, Care Plan Auditing as well as all HSE investigative reports. These are customisable to each individual facility.

Silver Cloud

SilverCloud is an outcomes-focused online mental health & chronic care platform which has come from over a decade of academic and clinical research into online delivery of mental health care. Health systems and healthcare organizations use SilverCloud to provide care populations with immediate access to clinically proven, evidenced based content, programs and supports. Since 2012, SilverCloud has been delivered to over 70,000 clients/patients, across 100 organisations in 7 countries including over 40% of all NHS services in the UK.

Swift Q

swiftQueue are transforming the way healthcare clinics operate within hospitals across the HSE in Ireland and the NHS in the UK. 

swiftQueue is an innovative cloud-based healthcare appointment platform incorporating online appointments, electronic referrals, home visits and real time metrics are revolutionising the way patients and clinics interact. 

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, swiftQueue empowers patients through their self service portal functionality and provides automated patient flow to deliver better clinic information for management and staff via real-time dashboards and improved clinic integration.


Webdoctor provides:

  • Online consultations via Video, Chat and Web based questionnaires using our in-house clinically designed software.

  • The most comprehensive home testing services in Ireland, using CE approved kits to collect urine, swab, blood and fecal samples with all results delivered online.

  • Corporate GP, Health check/screens and Vaccination services to some of the most prestigious companies in Ireland, from Big 6 Law firms to state of the art Technology firms.

  • We also license our software help companies improve their communication efficiency and accuracy in Insurance, Pharmacy and Trials verticals.