Clinicians & Social Media

Clinicians and Social Media

Engagement of clinicians and patients will be the key to success for the delivery of eHealth Ireland. The team has taken the decision to learn from international best practice and  and adopt a stronger social media presence.

In May 2015* a number of enthusiastic clinicians were provided with access to global expertise in how social media can be used in clinical practice and in particular in engaging with like minded clinicians. Following on from the phenomenal success of examples like 'My name is' and 'We Nurses' the HSE will begin to grow its presence in this space.

The first steps that eHealth Ireland has taken in this is the creation of @eHealthIreland, a twitter account curated by a number of the senior team delivering messages specific to Irelands eHealth delivery but with a global view of lessons we can learn. In addition two engagement 'hash tags' have been created:

#eHealth4All - A tag for engagement with the whole HSE and wider about the use of eHealth to support clinical delivery in Ireland.

#ONEeHI - A tag used by the Office of the CIO team and informatics suppliers in Ireland to transparently communicate about the creation of one eHealth organisation delivering to the health system.

*On the 27th of May 2015 Annie Cooper @anniecoops led a workshop on the potential for social media in healthcare: