Team Development

Team Development day 17-09-15

Transition -> Transformation -> Team

Given that our team has gone through a significant restructure under the auspices of the new CIO, and with the division now mapped to the functions of the HSE rather than the geography of the country, this allows us to build the team that will enable a future where a digital fabric is supporting the delivery of integrated healthcare across the country.

In order to emphasise the importance of this re-structuring and in order to improve communications within what had been until recently, 8 disparate teams, we held our second Team Development day on 17th September, 2015.


In bringing 280 technology staff together from across the country, it allowed the team to collaborate on how the ambitious Knowledge and Information Plan for Ireland can be delivered. As a team, this conference allowed time to test the theories of delivery within Ireland, to hear about and celebrate the successful delivery of existing eHealth projects and it also gave the team access to a number of prominent experts in the field of technology and business change, which ensured that the best thinking in this field is available to the HSE’s already enthused Office of the CIO.

Below is a selection of the key messages delivered on the day, captured by the award winning team at Think Visual:

ONEeHI infographic