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EBTS Project – Update


The HSE’s vision in terms of blood administration is to be a world leader by combining international best practice together with the use of information technology to administer the right blood products to the right patient at the right time whilst recording all relevant data accurately and comprehensively, including serious adverse events and reactions.  A comprehensive blood tracking solution can ultimately revolutionise the workflow within the hospital-based blood transfusion service in Ireland with resulting efficiencies and savings. 


The EBTS Project comprises a three phase work programme and involves the rollout of the BloodTrack system on an incremental basis across 48 hospitals.  Phases 1 and 2 are live at all 48 hospitals where it is enabling staff track blood product (red cells & platelets) into and out of fridges, to record arrival of blood product on ward and to check blood product availability.

The rollout of BloodTrack Tx as part of the Phase 3 work programme continued through 2017 and it is now live at 39 hospitals.  Phase 3 brings the PDA (mobile device) to the patient's bedside where staff can safely record all patient related events from taking the initial blood sample for blood group and cross match (with positive patient identification), administering the blood product (red cells & platelets), recording the patient's vital signs, reactions (if any) to recording the final fate of blood product at the patient's bedside.


 EBTS image for progress update

 The following hospitals went live with Phase 3 during 2017:

  • Cavan General Hospital
  • Sligo University Hospital
  • Our Lady’s Hospital Navan
  • Children’s University Hospital Temple Street
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
  • Louth County Hospital
  • Coombe’s Women’s & Infants University Hospital
  • Eye & Ear Hospital.

The EBTS Project Team’s plan is to complete BloodTrack Tx rollout to the remaining 9 Phase 3 sites by June 2018.

During May 2017 the BloodTrack control kiosks were patched to help minimise the risk from the cyber security threat as these customised control kiosks ran on XP.  In order to minimise further potential risk we sought capital funding to upgrade the control kiosks from XP to Windows 7.  The upgrade of the control kiosks is on-going since November 2017 and will be completed before the end of Q1 2018.

The completion of the three phases of the EBTS work programme provides hospitals with many opportunities e.g. electronic crossmatch is a key enabler for using a HaemoBank.  The HaemoBank is sometimes referred to as a ‘blood vending machine’, ‘blood bank vending machine’ or a ‘smart blood dispensing refrigerator’.  The HaemoBank™ is a module within the BloodTrack Suite of Blood Management and Bedside Transfusion Solutions that combines software with an intuitive, user-friendly storage device that acts as a virtual 24/7 automated blood bank, to quickly allocate and dispense the right blood product to the right patient where and when it is needed.  It eliminates the need to crossmatch and label blood products in advance and reduces blood bank and clinical staff workload.  Using BloodTrack OnDemand™ you can:

  • Gain faster clinical access to blood; increasing patient safety
  • Significantly improve workload and staff efficiency
  • Help ensure blood product quality and integrity through proper handling
  • Reduce emergency blood usage; type specific blood is available for electronic crossmatch
  • Decrease blood waste.


Haemonetics, the BloodTrack developers have provided the Galway University Hospitals with a unique opportunity to pilot a HaemoBank 80 at Merlin Park University Hospital.  Currently Galway based medical laboratory scientists are working through the final stages of validating the system and plan to go live with a 9-month pilot during Q1 2018.