Access to Information

Access to Information

Gemma Garvan is the Lead for Access to Information.  Gemma has worked in the area of eHealth for over 15 years. She has a BSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering and an MA from Trinity College in Dublin. Gemma began work as an analyst programmer with The National Healthlink Project and moved into a project management role over a decade ago. During this time the project moved from a Proof of Concept project within a single hospital setting to a National broker that delivers over 10 million messages annually and has established links with over 61 hospitals and 3500 GP’s and hundreds of community healthcare facilities across Ireland.

Gemma has a personal interest in healthcare standards and a belief they are core to an integrated and connected Healthcare organisation. Gemma is qualified as a HL7 v 2 control specialists and has a keen interest in the establishing HL7 FHIR standard.

Gemma has been asked to head up the Access to Information Portfolio and to enable and expand the integration function outlined in the Future IT Architecture Vision in the Knowledge and Information Plan.

Gemma will work closely with the Design Authority and the other members of the Senior Management Team to enable the Access to Information and Integration requirements of each of their Portfolios.


Access to Information Portfolio:

Access to Information was primarily established to address the fragmentation that exists within the health systems in use in Ireland and to bring the silos of information together. It is also tasked with ensuring new systems and solutions being introduced will integrate with other systems and that no new silos of information are created. The function has an enterprise wide view of eHealth Solutions so information can flow easily through the system and can be reused and redirected where appropriate.

The vision of Access to Information is to enable timely access to health Information when and where it’s needed. This will be achieved by enabling change and improved efficiencies within the Health Service through the use of connected eHealth solutions .

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