There has been significant support for the delivery of the Knowledge and Information plan from health leadership and clinicians throughout the HSE who are engaged in the prospect using eHealth solutions to support delivery of care.

Below is a selection of the opinion in the health system on the delivery of this plan:

“The Knowledge and Information Plan fully embodies the service vision for the new children’s hospital. It is about putting our children and their families at the heart of the everything we do and enabling our staff to have easy access to meaningful information and shared knowledge to provide safe, compassionate high quality care and treatment to patients and to drive effective management and governance of services to improve health and wellbeing. The new children’s hospital will be a Digital Hospital, this plan fully support this vision and I welcome its publication.”

- Eilish Hardiman, Chief Executive of the Children’s Hospital group 


Using technology in this way can  greatly improve patient safety which is always our priority. Having easy access to the correct patient information at the right time will help to better inform doctors about the right course of treatment and care for each individual.  This could ultimately allow doctors to spend more time with patients and give the patients themselves greater participation in their care.”

- Professor Frank Murray, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

eHealth has many positive benefits for patients, doctors, health care professionals and systems. It also offers potential for creation of new businesses and employment as well as for enhanced research into the prevention and treatment of diseases. I look forward to working with this committee of international and national experts from diverse complimentary backgrounds  whose knowledge and experience will be focussed on assisting the HSE to implement the best eHealth system in Ireland."

- Professor Mark WJ Ferguson, Director General Science Foundation Ireland 


eHealth involves the integration of all information and knowledge sources involved in the delivery of healthcare via information and technology-based systems. Standards for eHealth promote the efficient and secure collection, use and sharing of health information. Through the development of standards the Authority will work with the Executive to deliver the vision of “Better data, Better decisions  which results in Safer and Better Care”.


In order to deliver safe, effective and person centered care, a culture of using information and knowledge is necessary at every level of an organisation.  If emphasis is not place on using information how can services assure themselves they are safe, effective and person centred. eHealth is all about building capacity and capability within our health and social care system in order to use information and deliver high quality and safe services. HIQA welcomes the Knowledge and Information plan as a foundational step to creating a health system supported by technology and information."

- Rachel Flynn, Interim Director of Information services at HIQA

The potential of digital technologies to transform service delivery is widely recognised in private and public sectors across the world. Within healthcare environments progress in adopting such systems has not been as great as might initially have been expected, mainly due to the complexity of health care delivery itself. But the best health care systems are now using eHealth technologies to put patients and their information at the centre of health service delivery; supporting new care models, enhancing quality, promoting population health and achieving greater efficiency.


In Ireland we have done important foundational work - such as the publishing an eHealth Strategy for Ireland in 2013 and enacting the Health Identifiers Act in 2014 - but much more needs to be done. eHealth will play a critical enabling role in health care reforms including financial reform, the formation of hospital groups and the service reforms that will underpin community based care models. We also are looking forward to the development of our first digital hospital when the new National Children's Hospital opens at the end of the decade using electronic health records and providing a digital health care environment for the children of Ireland.  

 The Knowledge and Information Strategy provides a roadmap for what we need to do to develop our digital capability in Irish health care by providing a clear set of principles and identifying the key capability requirements and technology architecture. Publishing the Knowledge & Information Strategy is another very important step on the digital journey."

- Jim Breslin, Secretary General for the Department of Health

This CCIO council is a major new development bringing front end clinical personnel into the heart of the decision making process. Clinical led technology programmes are very successful internationally and the CCIO are excited to provide support in the eHealth Ireland Strategy"

- Yvonne Goff, Chief Clinical Information Officer, eHealth 

eHealth provides the framework for accelerated discovery in genetic research while facilitating rapid translation to the clinic to inform improved patient care."

- Gianpiero Cavalleri, Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics, RCSI

Everything thats being done by the teams represented in this room is critical to reaching our destination of a safer, better, more connected healthcare system.

- Tony O'Brien, Director General, HSE

Connectivity is ultimately more about relationships than it is technology."

- Muiris O'Connor, Assistant Secretary, Department of Health

One of our biggest opportunities is how we connect. We are trying to apply all the feedback we get from our entire team so stay in touch, stay connected.

- Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, HSE