eHealth Ireland with Jess Kelly on Tech Talk


On 14th January  Jess Kelly, (@jesskellynt) Newstalk Technology Correspondent, launched a new show called Tech Talk. Every Sunday night from 6 – 7 pm the show covers the atest news and reviews from the world of tech and examines how it all impacts you!

We’re delighted to have an opportunity to do a series of features with Jess looking at how technology is transforming the HSE

On the 25th February, Jane talked about "How is tech impacting our health service?"

We also shared what’s happening "How technology has transformed renal medical treatment" on Sunday 18th March. 

On the 13th May Jess explored how technology is helping those with epilepsy.

And we’re looking forward to what's next! We’ll update this page with all links to podcasts so you can listen back if you miss the live show, which is every Sunday evening 6 – 7pm, Newstalk 106 = 108 Fm