Update on implementation of SNOMED CT

The National Release Centre (NRC) would like to make the following announcement. On March 28th 2018, the governance group for SNOMED Clinical Terminology (CT) in Ireland made a decision on which version/edition of SNOMED CT is to be used and developed in Ireland. The group agreed that Ireland is to use the SNOMED CT International catalogue and with the aid of SNOMED International managed service, which is currently being procured, Ireland will have the ability to create its own content and publish an Irish extension dependant on our information requirements.


In June of 2018 the NRC will release the International Edition of SNOMED CT through the managed service. Following this the NRC will support bi-annual releases in October and March consisting of the International Edition and Irish specific content as an Irish extension as it is developed.


Further information on how stakeholders including, clinician, vendors and hospital groups will engage with the new release of SNOMED will be circulated in due course.


Members of the governance group include:

Kevin O’Carroll, Chair, HIQA

Kevin Conlon, Vice Chair, Department of Health, and General Assembly Representative

Peter Connolly, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Office of CIO, HSE

Lilly Walsh Business Architect, Office of CIO, HSE

Michael Redmond, COO, Office of CIO, HSE

Dr Conor O’Shea, GP, Clinical Council

Loretto Grogan, ONMSD National Clinical Information Officer

Damon Berry, Academic and Lecturer in DIT

Pamela Hussey, Academic and Lecturer in DCU

Martin Tully, Information Architect, Office of CIO, HSE

Theresa Barry, SNOMED Lead and Member Forum representative

Helen Lambert, Head of Information Governance, Office of CIO, HSE

Anne O’Donoghue, HRB

Gaye Stephens, Academic, Lecturer in TCD