Thanks to Jane Carolan

jane bio

Today is Jane Carolan’s last day as interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the HSE. She will be returning full time to her position as National Director of Health Business Services. The OoCIO team wanted to say a big thank you to her for agreeing to take on the role for the last 6 months while continuing to run HBS. 

During her time as interim CIO Jane worked very closely with the senior management team. With them, she has been responsible for the moving forward many elements of the OoCIO strategy including the financial planning for OoCIO for 2018 and assisted in securing additional 10% capital funding.

Through Jane’s passion for collaboration and teamwork and her drive and support the work of the OoCIO continued successfully during this period. Here are some of the highlights of Jane’s time as interim CIO:

  • Jane continued to drive the journey of delivering a national EHR (Electronic Health Record) to Ireland and has assisted in pushing through the procurement and delivery of client-side support in both acute and community. She also ensured a key emphasis was placed on the further development of the EHR continuing the work with the National Childrens’ Hospital ensuring it operates as digital hospital from the start.
  • She oversaw the roll out of MN-CMS (Maternal & Newborn Content Management System) to the Rotunda and NMH Holles Street, creating the third & fourth digital hospitals in Ireland.
  • She started a digital inclusion project with the Department of Communications and other government departments – collaborating to both shine a light on the potential of digital as an enabler and to ensure that digital skills training will be available to groups of staff and citizens.
  • She has been a strong advocate for the Digital Maturity Assessment. This is a self-assessment of how well healthcare services are supported by ICT in acute hospitals. Jane invited all acute hospitals to participate in the first rollout of this in Ireland.
  • Jane is working closely with the IHI (Individual Health Identifier) team to support further implementation of the health identifier into IT systems now and will continue to do so in HBS. Jane also supported this team with the continued development of the Emergency Department App and the Patient Portal App.  
  • Jane together with HR, Health and Wellbeing and Digital Communications, worked on developing a HSE specific app that can measure staff morale; promote healthy habits and mindfulness techniques as well as pushing communications to staff in different formats.
  • Jane worked with the ONE programme to move it forward, bringing HBS colleagues to work with the programme team. This important programme will deliver a digital identity to 49,000 HSE staff who currently do not have one.
  • Jane led a call out to the wider ecosystem on open data, reaching out to partners, academia and start-ups to work with the OoCIO to utilise the open data sets we have to drive insights to help solve some challenges we face today. This was received very well by the ecosystem and has resulted in a strengthening of the relationship with academic partnerships. We now have students from UCD researching ED (Emergency Department) waiting times and a joint collaboration of research with TCD and the NHS on ED waiting times. Included in this academic collaboration is work with TCD on supporting accelerator programmes for digital start-ups.
  • Our second Health Innovation Week was ably supported by Jane who engaged with many elements of the OoCIO work and met so many of the stakeholders, including vendors, patients, start ups, multinational companies, academics and school children amongst others.
  • She worked closely with Department of Health on the translation of Sláinte Care to the OoCIO looking at how that can be implemented and focused with our strategic programmes.
  • People and culture are what Jane believes are our best asset and she knows that investment in people is paramount. She has worked with Business Operations on talent management programmes and has sought to develop the role of IT Professionals through leadership programmes and training specific to OoCIO
  • Working with EU partners, Jane has continued developing the EU Task Force on digital change management, and growing collaboration opportunities across the EU for sharing of best practice. The close engagement with ECH Alliance has continued, creating and building relationships across 40+ countries

These are only a few highlights of the impact that Jane has made. She approached the role with the energy and enthusiasm with which she carries out all her roles. Her passion for the staff and digital transformation was clear and you can see that she values collaboration and teamwork as a path to success. We know she hasn’t gone far and look forward to working with her and all at HBS in the future. Thank you Jane for supporting eHealth Ireland and the OoCIO.

Thank you