Irish Med Chat on Integrated Care


On the 21st March the weekly #IrishMed chat was hosted by Elaine Naughton, EHR Infrastructure Co-ordinator, OoCIO (@naughtonelaine) & Dr Áine Carroll, National Director for Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division, HSE (@ainemcarroll)

The very active, hour long discussion got 6.036M impressions, 1,103 tweets and had 138 participants. 

The five topics covered in the hour were:

T1: The Irish people have told us what they want from integrated care Is integrated care possible in realpolitik, which is currently dominated by an interest in targets, short time-frames and sound-bites?

T2: Integrated care has worked best where it has been co-designed How do we mobilise all our community assets towards the needs of all the people in the community, whatever needs they have?

T3: How do you think #ehealth can support #integratedcare? 

T4 What do you think are the greatest challenges we face in implementing fully integrated care?

T5: What is the single most important thing that matters to you that you think we should do next?

You can find a full transcript of what was a very engaged audience here  and all other details at

Dr Áine Carroll said:

"Integrated care is a team sport and good communication is a vital ingredient for success. Irishmed is a powerful tool to have conversations that matter and to share knowledge, ideas and experiences as equals"

Speaking about the event, Elaine Naughton said

I want to acknowledge the fact that the IrishMed platform has been single-handedly curated for 4 years by Dr. Liam Farrell @drlfarrellwho has given freely of his own time and out of a desire to make a difference in Irish healthcare. He has developed a following of like-minded clinicians, academics and patient advocates and gives them an important mechanism for getting their ideas, knowledge and insights across. The knowledge share and sense of community you get from this platform never ceases to amaze me. I’m delighted with the data gathered tonight which will be used to complement my current research in this area”

Dr Liam Farrell :

“#IrishMed is a live twitter-driven event which takes place every Wednesday at 10 pm Irish time, 5 pm ET, on all things relating to medicine. Tweets are welcome from everyone, health care professionals, patients, carers, advocates, general public; all perspectives are valuable. Overseas comments are especially welcome, as health issues are global.“

As a result of the huge response to the topic of Integrated Care a further session will be conducted on this topic in the coming weeks. Follow @drlfarrell and @ehealthireland on Twitter for details