International Women's Day 2018

We have some amazing women leading people & projects in the OoCIO and HBS and we want to acknowledge and share that. So for International Women’s Day we reached out to women in health and health technology, in the OoCIO and HBS. From the 8th - 22nd March we shared a little about some of these amazing women with you. We hope it will highlight the role women play in our part of the health service. In no particular order, here are some of the fantastic women we are lucky to have as part of our incredible teams in HBS & OoCIO

 IWD Elaine Naughton

Elaine Naughton Full IWD interview.pdf (size 497 KB)

IWD Caroline Cahill

Caroline Cahill Full IWD interview.pdf (size 373.1 KB)

IWD Deirdre O'Regan

Deirdre O'Regan Full IWD interview.pdf (size 358.3 KB)

IWD Elaine Lynch

Elaine Lynch Full IWD interview.pdf (size 366.8 KB)

IWD Julie Bellew

Julie Bellew Full IWD interview.pdf (size 345.7 KB)

IWD Noreen Noonan

Noreeen Noonan Full IWD interview.pdf (size 284.2 KB)

IWD Joyce Shaw

Joyce Shaw Full IWD interview.pdf (size 214.7 KB)

Treasa Dempsey Pic

Treasa Dempsey Full IWD interview.pdf (size 210.9 KB)

IWD Rosemary Gray

Rosemary Grey Full IWD interview.pdf (size 369.4 KB)

IWD Roisin Doherty

Róisín Doherty Full IWD interview

IWD Anne McCahill

Anne McCahill Full IWD interview