Health IT Jobs Announcement

On 16th July, Cerner and the IDA announced the creation of 50 new jobs in Cerner’s Dublin office as they create an Ireland-based R&D function, building on Cerner’s HealtheIntent population health platform. The platform aggregates data from multiple sources, allowing care providers in all settings to better know, engage and manage their populations – driving toward the triple aim of improving health outcomes, improving the experience of the patient and the care provider, and reducing costs of care.

Cerner HealtheIntent platform

(Image: courtesy of Cerner Ireland Ltd.)

This is exciting news for eHealth in Ireland and shows the value that the government and IDA place on eHealth technology, as a significant area of innovation and jobs growth.

Cerner’s new R&D team will build upon Cerner’s HealtheIntent population heath platform, which is in widespread use across Cerner’s US and European clients. The new positions will focus on data analysis, expanding the company’s portfolio of advanced predictive algorithms to identify patterns of illness and wellness, enabling the management of the health and wellness of populations across all venues of care.


Matt Picket, Country General Manager at Cerner Ireland said: “I’m personally really proud to have been involved in promoting Ireland as the hub for this capability in Europe. I expect that it will lead to greater expansion in the future, improving links with the academic institutions in Ireland and the thriving startup sector."

Projects resulting from this new investment, supported by IDA Ireland, will enable the delivery of smarter, better care for citizens and healthier populations across the globe.

More information is on the Cerner and IDA websites here: