Future Health Summit 18

Collaboration is key to Excellence in Healthcare

The eHealth Summit was held on the 29th of May at the Future Health Summit in the Convention Centre in Dublin. 
This was a chance for us to delve into the opportunities through innovation for eHealth in Ireland. 

The agenda was jam packed with subject matter experts from Ireland and abroad.

FHS Agenda

The audience were excited to hear HSE CIO Martin Curley announce the “Stay Left Shift Left" Strategy for eHealth, which was resoundingly supported by Muiris O'Connor from the Dept of Health who announced that funding pathways are being aligned to make sure the recommendations of the Sláinte Care report, which include eHealth as a critical enabler for integrated care, are successfully implemented.

Themes running through the day discussed the impact of innovation on the triple aim of:

  1. Improving efficiencies
  2. Improving Quality of Care/Patient Experience
  3. Improving Quality of Life

The presentations and panel discussions covered these themes and a link is available to the slide deck below. 

The room was fully packed, there was standing room only and the atmosphere was electric.

The story of all the presentations was widely shared through Social Media, some highlights:

Cropped group photo FHS18

A section of the speakers, delegates and organisers of yesterday's eHealth Summit. 

Speaking after the event, Martin Curley, CIO, HSE said:

Today we had a soft launch of our Stay Left Shift Left strategy which is based on partnering with innovative companies and individuals to utilise the power of digital applications, data and technology in order to improve quality of life & improve quality of care while reducing the cost of care. Collaboration is key to achieving this and it was exciting to see the diverse range of stakeholders at the event ready and willing to work together.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with all stakeholders on the “Stay Left, Shift Left" Strategy.

Download the full slide deck:

FHSummit Slide deck.pdf (size 24.3 MB)

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