Good Information Practices

Everyone in the HSE comes into contact with patient information either directly or indirectly.  To assist staff to understand their obligations in relation to Information Management a ‘Good Information Practices’ training programme has been developed.  For more information on this training programme visit:

Understanding and following the programme will help staff in ensuring information is kept safe, confidential, available and accurate. 

This is a 20 minute training programme, run via HSELanD with a 5 question simple test at the end.  When you have completed it, you will receive a certificate.  The programme looks at everyday situations and how the best choices can be made.  It should be used as part of the induction of new staff and as a refresher for all existing staff.

It is designed to help everyone in the HSE recognise their responsibilities for managing information, identify situations and practices which may put information at risk, and know when and how to ask for advice.

The ‘Good Information Practices’ programme will help staff to: 

·       deal with the information they come in contact with everyday in a correct and compliant way

·       be aware and only access information appropriate to their task

·       handle and treat information in a secure manner 

·       be aware of current legislation and regulations in relation to information, especially healthcare information

·       know where they can get more information on related aspects such as HSE Information Security Policies;  Record Retention Periods and HSE Standards & Recommended Practices for Healthcare Management.  

To access the Good Information Practices learning and assessment material simply go to HSELanD   

The learning material and assessment tool is available under ‘My Learning’ where you search for ‘good information practices’ and simply click to run the module.