Join the conversation about Innovation in Health #IrishMed tonight

Innovation is an integral part of development in Health care. At eHealth Ireland we are working on developing new platforms and routes to support, engage and build on innovation in health. We are delighted to continue and open this conversation out further via twitter and #IrishMed.

eHealth Ireland are excited to inform you that we will be cohosting the next session of the #IrishMed tweet chat tonight Wednesday 20th of July from 10pm -11pm.

The hosts of the event are:

Richard Corbridge (HSE Chief Information Officer -@R1chardatron)

Clyde Hutchinson (eHealth Connect Manager & Innovation Specialist, eHealth Ireland - @clydehut)

Monica Reynolds (QIC Programme, HSE @QICeHealth)

Fergus O'Dea (Venture Investment Leader, NDRC, @fergusodea)

#irishmed is a live, twitter-driven event which takes place every Wednesday at 10 pm Irish time on all things relating to Irish medicine, north and south. Tweets are welcome from everyone, health care professionals, patients, carers; overseas comments are also welcome.

The regular host of this popular 1-hour forum is Liam Farrell, @drlfarrell, a GP and writer.

Our co-hosted chat on January 20th is on the subject of Innovation in Health Care.

There will be 5 questions that will be discussed spaced out over the hour:

T1 - What does the term 'Innovation in healthcare' mean to you?

T2- What are the main challenges faced by healthcare organisations to be innovative and how do we overcome them?

T3 -What role does IT play in the innovation process?

T4 - How can innovations in health technology empower patients to own manage their own care?

T5 - How can we encourage collaboration to ensure innovation across specialties & care settings?

For those of you with Twitter accounts, to join us on Wednesday, all you have to do is log into your Twitter account and search for the hashtag #Irishmed. Your questions, comments and contributions will be very welcome. If the question can be answered in 140 characters it will, or if a follow up is required, it will be arranged live on air!

Come join in the debate, and support the transparent delivery of eHealth for all.