New CCIO Resources Announced


 “Information is the lifeblood of modern medicine.  Health Information Technology (HIT) is destined to be its circulatory system”

this is according to David Blumenthal (former national co-ordinator for Health Information Technology in the United States).    


When the Council of Clinical Information Officers (CCIO) was established in March 2015, the HSE Office of the CIO (OoCIO) fully acknowledged the importance of information as a valuable organisational asset.  In a short few months the CCIO has grown to 130 members, now representing a wide range of clinical disciplines, academia and industry from locations throughout country.  

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The CCIO is now developing into a respected knowledge reservoir for the Irish healthcare system with an ever growing pool of expertise, which can be drawn upon for guidance and leadership in terms of:

  • information governance;
  • delivery of the HSE Knowledge and Information Plan;
  • procurement, implementation and adoption of information systems such as the national electronic health record.

The significance of the CCIO is further acknowledged as the OoCIO has now committed further management and co-ordination resources.  

From January 2016 the following CCIO management team will be in place:


  • Yvonne Goff – will be co-ordinating CCIO activities and will represent the CCIO at the OoCIO Senior Management Team.
  • Michelle Kearns – will support CCIO co-ordination activities with particular focus on communications and event management.
  • Seamus MacSuibhne – will liaise with the ARCH team and will promote the need for transparent research within eHealth, from a clinical point of view.
  • Mary Fitzsimons – will provide leadership at the CCIO Council meetings while also being the liaison for the Lighthouse Projects which will be commencing in 2016.
  • Joyce Healy – will provide clinical reviews for key projects when required and will provide leadership at the CCIO meetings.


Speaking about her new appointment Michelle Kearns said

“as an additional member of the management team I am enthusiastic about the future development of eHealth services and will strive to achieve the goals of the CCIO council”.

Seamus MacSuibhne said:

"I am extremely impressed with the blend of enthusiasm and experience of the CCIO members and and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing work."

and Yvonne Goff said:

“I am delighted to be accepted  as co-ordinator for  CCIO activities and to represent the CCIO at the OoCIO Senior Management Team. I am really excited for the challenges that 2016 will bring. I am passionate that health technology will only succeed with clinical engagement and patient-leading projects’”

Joyce Healy says

“We are delighted to welcome the new members to the CCIO management team, the future of the CCIO is in safe hands”

and Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, HSE added

“it is great to have people willing to participate in the management of the CCIO, this group is really valuable to the Office of the CIO and to Irish healthcare system. To have a structured way for clinicians and healthcare professionals to fully participate and share their experience and knowledge to really important and can only improve services for patients in the long run”.